Yard & Tree Maintenance

What do you call a total yard makeover? According to specialists, companies who provide yard maintenance services, your property area is quite unique. Maintaining an aesthetic appeal to the areas of your home that are outdoor and visible to you, your neighbours and anyone else, is important if you want to keep it looking attractive and up to date. Your landscape requires routine focus if it is to meet these standards. A freshly green lawn and sprouting flower garden & plants can highly promote a beautiful curb appeal that is envious to others and also helps to create a great impression upon entering the yard. However, to achieve these results, it will require long tireless effort. Sometimes it is best to hire a professional to take care of the work. Let’s review a number of areas that need some attention when planning to spice up your property.

Yard Maintenance, Removal & Planting New Life

This may be a general term and you would be right, it involves a lot of specific duties that are perform when cleaning up your yard. Trees, shrubs. flower beds, mulch and grass all need to be tended to. For you ideal outdoor space to come together nicely, you must plan ahead and be sure to first hire someone you know will offer quality results. The best arborists and technicians will meet every need in the yard. They will clean up the area, provide mulch for the shrub and flower beds, and also apply fertilizer to ensure the health and safety of the plants. Preservation is a main priority here, we want to make sure that your new plants, trees or shrubs not only look nice but also can endure harsh temperatures, last a long time and grow strong. Pruning, trimming and appropriate removal of dangerous or dead trees and shrubs is the next thing to be finished. If there are any trees or plants that carry disease, they must be discarded along with any other leaves or weeds.

Pruning Dead Branches

Pruning of trees and branches should ideally be completed in the later Fall season. Trees should be inspected and trimmed for any dead wood that hangs off. Sometimes pests and other insects have damaged the trees, in this case they need to be removed due to possible infection. Regular pruning can be completed in the Spring time, near the time of blooming and blossoming flowers & plants.

Mulch & Wood Chips

Applying mulch once the weather becomes cooler will ensure the ground is better prepared for it to be used as insulating the plants in order to withstand colder temperatures during the winter.

Trimming – Trees, Hedges & Shrubs

A professional arborist or landscaper will offer a wide range of pruning services to ensure the health and beauty of your yard is properly maintained throughout the year. Tree and hedge trimming is a preventative technique to avoid decay and the forming of dangerous tree fungi that can harm the trees. One very important benefit and aspect of tree trimming is to help trees and shrubs absorb as much natural sunlight and nutritious oxygen as they possibly can to promote growth.


Spring Cleaning

New growth occurs in the Spring season. Your property deserves a proper restorative cleaning to prepare it for the coming months. There is lots to do and not much time before Summer comes along. Your time is valuable and limited, maybe you work a full time job or have a few young children. This is why we suggest hiring a professional to bring your yard to life.


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