Assasins Creed for Playstation 3

Assasins Creed: The Story
The game is based on two different characters. One character is from present time, and the other is back in the years of the Crusaders. The character of the present truly does not have much of a meaning. You do not do much with this character but just walk him back and forth to a machine. In which infiltrates memories from his DNA of an ancestor of his. In which you play during the main part of the game. That is pretty much the storyline in a nut shell. I will not spoil it all for anyone interested in playing this game.

Controls amp; Graphics:

Controls on this game I find to be very good. Once you spend a few minutes learning the controls you will have them down. The graphics on this game are great as well, just take a look at the photo. In this game you can climb buildings, and do this with much ease. You won’t constently keep falling and have to reclimb. Overall the controls, and graphics of this game I give a 4.5 on a 5 star rating system.


This game gives you a great feel of actually moving around a populated city. Your character moves very life like, and so does the people of the city. The game allows you 4 main weapons. You will be given a sword, dagger, assasins spike, and throwing knives. Every weapon comes in handy especially the assain spike. It allows you to make stealth kills to your enemies. The throwing knives are great to kill enemies from roof tops, and will die with one knife. The sword and dagger are both weapons you use in combat with guards or targets. They recomend using the dagger for multiple opponents, and sword for one opponent. Tell you the truth it doesn’t make a difference use whichever you like.

Some of The Standard Missions

Before you can kill your target you are asked to learn a little about him first, yea all your targets are men. In order to find information you must learn it from people on the streets. For example you may have to eavesdrop on someones conversation. It took me awhile to figure out how to find the people I needed throughout the city. The three main info learning quest are these. Eavesdrop, pickpocket, and intergate, and yeas these do get old quickly. Before every assasination you have to do 2-6 of these information missions before making your kill. It can easily take you an hour to do all the missions before you make your assasination attempt.

Climbing amp; Roof Hopping:

Probably one of the coolest features of this game is having the ability to climb to the tops or towers. The game calls them viewpoints in which climbing to a top of a tower you can view your near surroundings. Any missions that may have occured in this area will show up. Before you go running around searching for side missions it is best to climb to the top of every viewpoint in the area first. Once you climb to the top you may jump off into a pile of hay and continue on your way. If you decide you just want to do a little roof hopping then you should find it to be very fun and easy. Just run towards the next building and all the work will be done for you.

My Opinion of The Game:

Since I have beat this game I think my opinion is worth a lot. The reality is if you are going to pay more than $20.00 for this game then you are getting ripped off. I admit I payed $25.00 for it and it was a little to high. The best thing to do is give this game a rental tryout first. This game isn’t for everyone, and can leave 70% of everyone that buys this game with a bad taste in their mouth.

I am not saying that it is a horrible game, because I am not. I personally enjoy the game, but recommending to friends and family I just don’t see that happening. The reality is, this could have been a really great game if it had more GTA in it. Instead it seems like they spent all their time on graphics and no story. This game can easily be beat 8 hours of play. For this to have been one of the greatest games on the market it would of needed a little something for everyone. Instead you receive hardly any comedy, nor much free roaming. Most people will find this game to become highly boring really quick, and I truly would understand.


Storyline: 5

Graphics: 8

Fun: 6

Final: 6.5

(6.5) This game is worth trying, but only a rental game first. ($20.00 or less if decide to buy)

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