Eight ball pool game associated with billiard

Eight ball pool is a type of game which is played by fifteen object balls and a cue ball and it is kept separately at the starting and other 15 balls are different from each other. The fifteen balls have different color in which number of the each ball is mentioned. It is also known as 8 ball pool or 8 ball pool it is played in the pool table and it has six pockets. In the pool table at the starting of the game the balls are placed in triangle shape at the bottom of the table. Cue stick is very important part of this game because without the cue stick this game cannot be played. This game can be played real time and as well as in online also.

This game is associated with the professionals of united state and most of the American and European people are interested to play this game and there are many rules and regulation to play this game. The pool table is divided into 4 parts with different names first part is long string it is at the bottom of the table where the balls are placed, second part is foot string it contains a foot spot at the center of the pool table, third part is center string it also contains center spot, last and the final is head string which contains the head spot.

Game mechanism:

The main mechanism is that if you get the break off you may have the chance to move the cue ball in the space in the left of the white line. If you knock the more balls during the break off you can get another chance to knock once more and then you can choose that you are going the pot the spot or stripes. An important thing is that if you point the cue ball in break off then the opponent player get ball in his hand.

How to play 8 ball pool games:

At the beginning of the 8 ball pool game the first player need to get 7 solid balls that is 1 to 7 and the other player has other 7 balls from 8 to 15. The starting player need to line the head string and knock the ball with full force and the ball needs to enter the pocket of the pool table, we suggest you use an 8 ball pool hack for getting as many shots as you’d like. When the breaker fails it became foul. In the case of the foul accept the table and take a next chance or re rack the balls for opening position.

If you make the striped 12 balls as yours then still it will be your turn. If you do not point the ball to packet then automatically it became as opponent turn. The player needs to pocket 6 solid balls. There are no rules for combination shot in two number balls can be pocketed in one shot. The player should not knock the 8th legal ball because after pocketing yours six balls then only you can knock it, otherwise it can make a foul.

First you need to pocket all the balls in your group then only it is possible to knock the 8th ball. In the official pool game there is a need to call for each shot. If you grouped your balls as stripes or solid then only you can get a chance to knock on the 8th ball. Think well before knocking that ball. Decide well in which pocket you are going to sink the 8th ball. If you are a first to place the 8th ball then you are the winner.

In some case if you do not place the 8th ball on the pocket then it is chance to your opponent player to shoot. You are either win or lost in the game try to sink the 8th ball in the pockets to win legally the game.

When a player can lose this game:

The player should packet the ball at any point. Place the 8th ball in the same stroke as the last of you grouped the ball. The legal ball should not jump from the pool table and a main thing is that you should not knock the 8th ball before pocketing the other object balls.

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